"Somebody's gotta be the hero, right? Why not me?"



"Hi Erik, I’m wondering what do you think of when boys say girls can’t be real hockey fans? Personally I’m getting sick of hearing that and I wanted to know what an actual player in the league thinks."

For any of you who have ever called a girl a puck bunny, or a fake fan, simply because she’s a girl, you can go fuck yourself. When actual players think that behaviour is bullshit, it means it is.

I love Erik karlsson

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nhl teams always come up with the weirdest stats like “the pens are 6-0-0 when crosby ties his right skate first and kunitz drinks orange juice in the morning”

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has olli taken some classes on being a little shit?

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Sid on if he or Jack Johnson would win in a fight. Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that! [x]

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